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Beauty Treatments and Massage

Relaxation Massage

Appearing youthful on the outside has a lot to do with feeling youthful on the inside. Leo Aesthetics messages are relaxation focused to help reduce stress and improve your wellbeing. Our clinic is designed to encourage relaxation and help you destress. Enhance your visit with a massage that leaves you feeling fresher inside and looking better outside.

Professional Spray Tan

Achieve the stunning effect of a smooth, rich tan without harsh UV exposure. Our team have extensive experience in applying professional quality spray tan evenly, creating the desired tone with a natural appearance.

Cosmetic Tattoos

Permanently enhance your natural beauty with professionally applied cosmetic tattoos. This is a precision art that should only be trusted to the very best. Our practitioners represent the pinnacle of their field, applying advanced technique with refined skill. Leo Aesthetics cosmetic tattoos can enhance your:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelids
  • Lips
  • And areolas

Come in for a complimentary consultation to discuss our cosmetic tattoo service with an expert practitioner.

Intense Pulse Laser

By specifically targeting unwanted cells, Intense Pulse Laser (IPL) can be used to permanently remove:

  • Hair
  • Uneven pigment
  • Redness
  • And surface veins

If you want a more convenient alternative to shaving and waxing or a solution to skin blemishes, book a complimentary consultation with Leo Aesthetics and discuss your options.

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